2018 Almanac

In 1822, Friar Geronimo Boscana wrote about the Tongva year. Based on the new moon, their “calendar” consisted of ten months. Glenn Miller Jr., professor of astronomy at Pasadena City College, became intrigued with this, and he worked out current years based on the Tongva year. Miller is of Tongva heritage and with his research and guidance we have developed this almanac and daily calendar that has practical uses in today’s world.

The calendar is richly illustrated by the contemporary photograph of Corina Roberts (Cherokee and Osage) who has devoted much of the past few years to documenting the flora and fauna of the San Gabriel Mountains. This is only the second time a Tongva almanac or calendar has been made, a significant achievement. Tongva words appear alongside English along with Tongva stories and information.  We gratefully acknowledge the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival for partially funding this project.

The production of the almanac is a fundraising effort by the American Indian Scholarship Fund of Southern California, an organization providing college scholarships to Native American students attending college in Southern California.

The almanac is full-color, 8.5×11, stapled, on glossy paper stock.
The cost WAS $25.00


Or you may order via U.S. Mail with checks made out to AISFSC.
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