2018 Recipients

AISFSC is proud to congratulate the following individuals who are following their dreams in achieving their goals through education and hard work.


Teena LaBeau,


Ashkii Kadenehii who is attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.  After graduating from OCC he plans on pursing a computer degree at UC Irvine.

“My degree will enlighten our Native Community by teaching the world of computer science, because one day I seek to teach computer science at a Tribal/Community School.” – Ashkii Kadenehii

Maracea Chase who will be attending the University of Southern California as a cinema and media studies major with a minor in animation.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to attend USC and receive not only a higher education, but a broader perspective of the world that lives around me.” – Maracea Chase

Emily Clarke who is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at University of California Riverside.


“I plan to take all of these things, all of the knowledge I will receive, and bring it back to my community.” – Emily Clarke

Cy Scott who is working towards a career in Athletic Training with a goal of getting his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education/Fitness Director at California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA.


“I would like to be able to come back and work in my community once I receive my degree and experience in Physical Education.  I would like to work with the youth and Elders to show them the importance of Physical Fitness and the positive changes it can make in their lives.” – Cy Scott

Samuel Birchfield who is studying Law at LMU.


“This past year, I was fortunate to pursue my ambitions abroad. During the summer, I studied criminal justice and politics in our nation’s capital, interned at an overwhelmed Public Defender’s Office in Maryland where crime rates explode.  My experiences over the past year has motivated me to continue my education so that I can further impact the world.”  Samuel Birchfield

Megan Baker a PhD student in Anthropology at UCLA.  She also received her MA in American Indian Studies at UCLA.


“Upon receiving a doctorate in Anthropology from UCLA, I plan on continuing to work with Choctaw Nation as an academic.  By working with Native students within the institution at this level, I aim to support Native students in higher education to develop projects that are embedded in Native communities.” – Megan Baker

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