D Dwight Youpee

Former Student Affairs Officer
UCLA American Indian Studies

After 22 years of service overall at UCLA, Dwight Youpee has since retired as Student Affairs Officer of UCLA American Indian Studies. Prior to his position at American Indian Studies, Dwight was an Academic Advisor/Counselor with the UCLA Academic Advancement Program, serving historically underrepresented students. Outreach and recruitment at both undergraduate and graduate levels were important aspects of Dwight’s activities serving as Coordinator-Student/Community Relations at American Indian Studies.

Born and raised on a farm-ranch on the Fort Peck Indian reservation in rural northeastern Montana, Dwight is a member of the Ft. Peck Sioux tribe. He began his professional career in education as an elementary teacher with the Wolf Point public school district on Fort Peck in 1974. He earned an associate degree in civil engineering from Oregon Technical Institute, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and teaching credential from Montana State University and a master’s degree in organizational behavior and educational administration from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dwight served in the US Army as an operating room technician-medic and the Peace Corps in India. While a guest with a host farmer in south India and working with individual village farmers, Dwight and other PC volunteers assisted the Mysore state government’s initiative to promote the introduction of high yielding varieties of wheat, corn and sorghum.

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