Sarita McGowan

Sarita McGowan


“I, Sarita Mc Gowan, am a proud enrolled tribal member of Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, and I participate in the community representing Native Women and the struggle for sobriety. I am walking the Red Road and incorporate this in my daily life of tradition, spirituality, and sobriety.

For over 8 yrs now I have been involved with Native ceremonies and am an alumni member of United American Indian Involvement. In striving to be a better community member and to be of service I am committed to helping those in recovery. In this quest I have returned to get a higher education.

I have now completed my AA degree in Behavioral Sciences and for the last two years American Indian Scholarship Fund of Southern California has helped me make that a reality.

I am continuing for my BA in Social Work, transferring to Pitzer College or California State Fullerton fall 2014. I want to help our Indian community. I have not always done things right in my life and this has been a second chance for me. I have returned to school after 25 years.

I am a volunteer in the community including helping those behind the iron walls, prisons. I have been at the State of California Department of Corrections, California Institution for Women in Chino (2.5 yrs.), Santa Ana Federal Jail (1.5 yrs.), and Patton State Hospital (4 mos.), speaking about Native traditions, sobriety and spirituality. I have volunteered at American Indian Counseling Center, LA County Mental Health for 4 years working with bridging the cultural and co existing mental health disorders among the Native American community through the making of cultural crafts like medicine bags, dream catchers, and moccasins.

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